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New Index Data: Refine Your Playbook for Social Sophistication

Social media marketing is in its main character era. 

Audiences are no longer just passively consuming branded content, they’re looking for it. 68% of consumers say they follow a brand on social to stay informed about new products or services. And over half of consumers say the most memorable thing a brand can do is respond to customers, underscoring the increased expectation for highly personalized engagements. 

As buyer experiences continue to go digital, consumer attitudes have shifted and social media is now the new mall. There’s an opportunity for your brand to capitalize on this shift, but to do so effectively, you must hone in on how your social team can make the most business impact and ultimately, drive revenue.

Join us for an exciting webinar in collaboration with Sprout Social’s online community, The Arboretum on Tuesday, October 3rd at 10 am CT (11 am ET, 8 am PT). We’ll dive into our newly released Index report to guide your brand on how to refine its social media playbook and give you the data to demonstrate social’s org-wide impact.

We’ll discuss:

  • Four key investments guiding the socially sophisticated marketer 
  • What consumers are looking for from your brand today
  • How to effectively communicate social’s impact on revenue to business leaders

Want to get the most out of this event and connect with other like-minded professionals? Join our community, The Arboretum, to keep the conversation going, access additional resources and get exclusive swag.

Your speakers:

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